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Paul Brodrick

Paul Brodrick went from being a regular suburban son to cult acolyte before becoming a single father, serial house renovator, business owner, and then a penniless vagabond. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he changed his perspective on what is healthy and how to live a good, long life. He lives in beautiful Western Australia, in a gypsy caravan on an organic farm.

Paul’s chronic curiosity has been both a blessing and a challenge; a blessing in that there is always something exciting to explore and understand, and a challenge because there is so much richness to keep up with. He became a writer thanks to this curiosity filling his world with so much material on what makes us humans tick, and reems of notes started looking like worthwhile reading for others. His first book, Cancer Mentality helped him make sense of all that he needed to adapt if he was to become cancer-free, and hopefully will help anyone else who is involved with a serious diagnosis, whether they are the patient or a concerned loved-one.


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