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Cancer Mentality additional information — Water

Scientists studying long-lived peoples around the world have attributed much weight to the mineral content, purity, and quantity of the water they drink daily and use to irrigate their crops. Most of us have limited access to such mountain streams and glacier-fed water, but there are incredible attributes to our normal water that we can use to our advantage. It helps to be thoughtful about how we use and consume water.

There is more to natural water than meets the eye, and perhaps more than the majority of us can easily find out through science. Some cool detail on this subject might be known to science but is not commonly aired to the public. In their books “The Secret Life of Plants” and “Secrets of the Soil” authors Tompkins and Bird go into great detail to show evidence-based research on etheric influences on water. They explain some incredible ways that nature purifies and energizes water, the soil, trees and plants, and ultimately our whole atmosphere.

Rainwater is known by most gardeners to be far more beneficial for plants than the water that comes out of our house taps. Hosing and sprinkling does support plants, but when the rain comes, those plants really come along in leaps and bounds. It’s as if the tap water just keeps them alive, but rainwater makes them thrive. Before reaching our tanks, water that comes as rain has spent time in the clouds, being prepared by nature, ionized and charged with energy by the cosmic forces that create lightning, that create life. This water source is likely a healthy choice over large-scale urban scheme water that generally has many chemical additives in it.

Japan’s Dr Masaru Emoto conducted incredible studies on the water content in our bodies and the amazing effects that our words and feelings have on water. One of these studies, called ‘Water, Consciousness & Intent’ shows that water has memory for cellular structure, is affected by emotions (emotional energies) applied to it, around it, or near it, and more. He exposed water to various scenarios and then snap-froze the sample which allowed the team to view the water crystals thus formed under a microscope. Water that had music played to it created crystals of differing shapes depending on the music; heavy rock music produced an ugly ununiform crystal and classical music created pretty, uniform shapes and patterns. The words ‘love’ and ‘hate’ produced vastly different crystal shapes too. Dr Emoto theorizes that this impact of words and feelings on water influences much of our lives, even down to crime levels being high in places where people curse a lot. View these experiments on YouTube easily, it’s enlightening.

Dr Emoto also carried out studies on rice and water being exposed to human words, thoughts, and pictures, all of which were both positive and negative in style. The rice/water mixture in the beakers that were sworn at and shouted at rotted quite quickly while those beakers that were spoken to lovingly survived a remarkably long time, still smelling sweet. This is a dramatic outcome showing the power of words, both spoken and written, as well as the feelings behind such expression (see YouTube for more). Incredibly, Dr Emoto even found that when inscribed on the water container, the words “Love” and “Gratitude” cleanse water and do so more powerfully than any other words.

As we are mostly water, are we being influenced by the memories held in the water we contain, the water we are made up of? The logical conclusion has to be yes, we are. Considering this incredible memory that water has, we have to wonder what our mostly-water body is receiving from our thoughts and feelings, and from those around us. May our influences be bright, positive, and hopeful far more often than the opposite!

How do we speak around our house? What is being picked up by the water in our household pipes, water bottles, tanks, etc.? Is it somewhere on the wavelength of love, or is it negative? Either way, we will reap what we sow, so to speak. As my aim is for health, happiness, and a long and pleasant life, I aim to think loving and happy things. In terms of the Cancer Mentality that my book is named for, this water memory means a lot to me; the attitudes and emotions linger.

To aid our health, gratitude for food and water are especially important. The spiritual teacher Sadguru says that pausing briefly to behold a cup of water before drinking it, simply looking into it with no words, adds the intention of love, of gratitude, of higher spirit. This elevates the water (or food) for our betterment and can even change the taste from ordinary to sweet! He says that adding love into this sustenance via thoughts and/or words changes its molecular structure without changing the chemistry. He adds that science is now starting to call water a ‘supercomputer’ because of the immense quantity of memory and energy that it can hold. As water is a large part of our makeup and is in most things that we consume, this blessing of water/food is far-reaching for our health, levels of peace, and mental state. This slowing of life slightly, changing our approach to include feelings of gratitude, love, and appreciation, has the power to change us via the water that we consume. I see a link between this molecular change and Dr Emoto’s work mentioned above.


While controversial, many other scientists are studying the incredible qualities of water. An example is the website (Subtle Energy Sciences) which tries to unbiasedly investigate phenomena that mainstream science finds too challenging for various reasons. On their web page “nobel-laureate-says-water-has-a-memory”, they write,

“According to Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, water is able to duplicate the qualities of any material with which it once interfaced. Numerous other scientists and researchers also have found water to possess the innate capacity to retain a memory of the molecular properties of any substance it once contained. This notion that water has memory, however, is strongly rejected as “pseudoscience” within the mainstream scientific community, as is its related practice of homeopathy.

Homeopathy’s misconception as a so-called pseudoscience depends, in part, on a narrow-minded refusal within the mainstream scientific community to entertain at least two unconventional but substantive ideas:

1) Water has mysterious and relatively little understood properties, including the abilities to store, broadcast and amplify the informational data (i.e., morphic) fields of any substance with which it comes into contact.

2) All substance/form has a non-physical (i.e., subtle) informational data field (i.e., morphic field) from which the informational blueprint of that material can be extracted and stored in another medium.

Our work at Subtle Energy Sciences (SES) very strongly affirms these two ideas, as we’ve witnessed these phenomena time and time again over the last seven years in ways that rule out the possibility of a mere placebo effect. Many of the energetic signatures we prepare are first imprinted onto water and digitally sampled afterward, since water acts as a wonderful medium for storing and transferring subtle information, proving water retains memory.”




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