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Book Review “The Secret Lives of Teeth” by Meliors Simms

Continuing the theme throughout my book, Cancer Mentality, I recently searched for help with a tooth issue that I have been working on, thinking that I could help the healing from within if I could figure out what to change. After visiting a dentist again and hearing similar dramatic prognoses to what I have heard over the years, I searched for metaphysical guidance as to what this tooth issue could mean. While I already have fantastic books and other forms of information about metaphysical ideas on life and health generally (with some detail on specific symptoms or body parts), I was thrilled to find this book by New Zealand woman Meliors Simms. It is written specifically to help us with tooth and mouth matters. I bought her book immediately and started reading with great interest.

Based on her own research and dental experiences, Meliors does a wonderful job of explaining non-mainstream, holistic ideas and strategies to do with the origins of tooth and mouth challenges and how to heal them. Some detail has to do with family history, even past life issues; the author ranges through mouth microbiome science, and has wonderful tips to improve mouth hygiene. All of this is presented in a way that removes blame from anyone, especially oneself, and Meliors offers methods of loving ourselves through challenges and into health.

This book is getting international attention in the literary industry, and deserves the accolades and awards for sure. I recommend the author’s writing as stimulation for news ways of thinking and feeling, and I am enjoying the benefits of her professionally-offered personal coaching services as well.

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